Satellite Capture v1.1

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Satellite Capture is a software that give you ability to adjust Satellite Signal and Quality Strength from your local Network or from Internet by Tracking changes in Signal and Quality Strength in quite easily without the use of a TV or Satellite Receiver in the roof This way is very easy and fast to adjust satellite in no Time 
Most Satellite Finder (Meter) Devices display Signal Meter Only
But with Satellite Capture you will monitor Signal and Quality Strength Live via internet or your local IP Address

  • Camera or Webcam. 
  • Easy and Fast in just few Clicks. 
  • Support all Satellite Receivers Devices.
  • Support All Webcam Capture Software's.
  • Ability to use Dynamic DNS for Static IP Address. 
  • Ability to Display Signal and Quality Strength Live.
  • Ability to access Satellite Signal and Quality Strength via Local Network or via Internet.
  • You don't need to use TV or satellite receiver in the roof every time you want to adjust Satellite dish. 
  • You don't need any Satellite Finder Devices every time you want to adjust Satellite dish.
  • You don't need any Satellite Card. 
  • Built-in signal or quality alert buzzer (New Feature)
  • Update signal and quality Strength via Timer or Manual (New Feature)

    Satellite Capture in Action

     Satellite Capture in Action
    How to Use:
      Open Channel Information from your satellite Receiver Remote control "info" Button and Follow the steps in the video.

        How to use Satellite Capture

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